Recon SCADA servers

Hello secfolks in this post I am going to show you how we can find or recon scada servers just by googling.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this post are to be used for educational purpose only

Below given is the list of various scada developers along with their names

  • Honeywell :- Experion HS

  • Trihedral :- VTScada


  • Ecava :- IntegraXor ( IGX)

  • Copa :- Data zenOn

  • Afcon:- P-CIM

  • Ordinal :- MESbox SCADA

  • Yokogawa :- Fast/Tools

  • Siemens :- Simatic WinCC

  • TA-Engineering Products :- Aimax

Now for reconnaissance scada servers through google we will be using google dorks


Product: S7–3** , PCS7


Product: Simatic S7


Product: SIMATIC HMI Miniweb

intitle:”Miniweb Start Page” | “/CSS/Miniweb.css”

Allen-Bradle Rockwell Automation

Product: ControlLogix ,CompactLogix

intitle:”Rockwell Automation” “Device Name” “Uptime”

Product: SLC-5

inurl:dtm.html intitle:1747-L552

Product: Micrologix

inurl:home.htm intitle:1766

Recon can never have a dead end! This was just a teaser!

#scada #recon #bughunting #bugbounty #ethicalhacking #penetrationtesting #infosec

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